5 Essential Home Tools Every Man Should Have

It’s almost the holidays, and you’re probably now trying to decide what sort of gifts you’re going to get for your friends. Now, the holidays are not only a time for buying gifts; you can also use the down time to maintain the house throughout the winter. After all, it’s that time of the year when the weather is testing the strength and integrity of where you shelter your precious family.

Home maintenance skills must be possessed by anyone who wishes to have his own house where he raises his own family. After all, if you want something done right around the house, you just have to do it by yourself. Why rely on others when you can always rely on yourself, right?

But when it comes to abstract matters such as those that concern real estate laws and regulations, it’s best to leave them in the hands of those who are experts such as lawyers. These things are way too complicated to be done on the side in DIY fashion.

In this article, we present five essential home tools that must be in your home maintenance kit. This is a further elaboration to what you already know through one of the articles in this website.

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5 Essential Home Tools Every Man Should Have

To keep up with the season, you can buy these tools for your guy friends, too! If they still do not have any of these yet in their haul, that is! Giving practical gifts to your friends might just be what they need to keep up with the times, especially when it comes to maintaining their homes. Whenever there’s a big project that needs to be done, it makes it easier than ever for all your friends to converge together to help out.

1. Power drill

Before you mount something, you need to prepare the spot where you are going to place them. Whether it be a faucet, a sink, or a doorknob, anything that needs round holes so that you can securely screw them in place can really use the help of a power drill.

A cordless power drill is helpful in maintaining the quality and integrity of the wooden wall or surface. Hammering the screws or nails (especially when you use the wrong types) directly might split the wood along the grain, creating unsightly cracks or even destroying the surface altogether.

Power drills are so useful on wood. They can be equally useful for driving screws into concrete as well. You will really need a little practice on this one, tho. You would also need some protective gear such as a mask or a pair of safety glasses because dust is inevitable during the drilling process.

2. Brad nailer

If you ask me, there is nothing more convenient than a brad nailer. This tool’s strength and accuracy comes from its pneumatic feature. This means that it uses air pressure to drive nails into the material they’re supposed to go. This feature just needs to be oiled regularly to maintain its utility.

The brad nailer eliminates the need for hammers and the constant banging that might drive your neighbors mad. This tool is also a great energy saver. Just imagine how much unnecessary energy expense you are spared from when you use this for your hammering needs!

Every man of the house who intends to see his family through the winter definitely needs a brad nailer that helps them accomplish relevant tasks quickly, accurately, and firmly.

3. Circular Saw

In order to cut wood into the right specifications, you definitely need something with unparalleled accuracy and precision. This is where the circular saws come into play. In order to choose the right saw, you should try looking for blades that are made of carbide, which is known to be sharp, durable, and easy to maintain. These home tools are useful not only in maintaining the house but also in extending it or improving on it through some minor construction projects.

Furthermore, due to its fast moving blade, make sure you’re equipped with the necessary safety precautions such as goggles and industrial gloves when you’re using a circular saw.

4. Extension Cord

Nothing is more frustrating that having to do tasks in an uncomfortable space just because the electric socket is there. We understand that when it comes to keeping the home in order, there must be some flexibility in where and how you accomplish some tasks.

Since we make use of power tools now, a good way to ensure flexibility is to have an extension cord, a really long one at that! With this item, you can now take your activity where it needs to be done, even if it’s a bit far from your power source. You just have to see to it that you do not overload your extension system as this can really get dangerous.

5. Ear Protection

Now protecting the self is an often overlooked aspect of any activity. Men, and all individuals for that matter, have this tendency to just focus on the home tools needed to accomplish the task that they tend to forget that they also have to be on the lookout for their health.

Since we are talking here about power tools, which are items that can produce quite a sound when in use, the first health-related items that must be secured are ear plugs or any other form of ear protection. Prolonged use of the drill and saw can expose the ear to high intensity sounds that can cause permanent damage to them. It will be wise if the ears are protected with something that keeps out or at least keeps the sound low.

It never hurts to be prepared for anything that might happen to the home that you spent years building, reinforcing, repairing, and maintaining. A well stocked home maintenance kit does not only help in keeping the integrity of your home, it can also be a surprising and very practical holiday gift as well, especially for those who don’t really have an idea what to put in it.

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