Progression of Handy Power Wheel Barrows Over Time

If you are need of a wheelbarrow, today’s market has a variety of options for you. There are different kinds of wheel barrows such as traditional wheel barrow, power wheel barrows, etc. They have all been designed with the intention of making sure that they help people carry and move various materials.

Most people think of the traditional wheelbarrow when any conversations about the machines are held. The traditional wheelbarrow, in all its variants, has been around for centuries and it is the basis on which modern wheelbarrows have been built.

Power wheelbarrows have come into play and they are transforming the use of wheelbarrows in different industries. Whether though are engaged in agriculture, construction or any occupation in which you need to carry things really, a mini dumper will serve you well.

In comparison to the traditional wheelbarrow, power wheelbarrows have brought a number of improvements to wheelbarrows and their use. Here is a quick comparison of traditional wheelbarrows and mini dumpers and we will try to show how each one works and the differences in their functions.

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Comparison Between Traditional Wheel Barrows And Power Wheel Barrows

1. Weight capabilities

Whether you decide to get a traditional wheelbarrow or a power wheelbarrow, the point of it is that you need to carry some things from one point to the next. Whatever you need to love is too heavy to move without the assistance of a machine such as a wheelbarrow hence you need to make use of one.

A traditional wheelbarrow will serve you well if you need to move weights below 100kg. The closer you get to the 100kg mark in terms of weight, the more difficult it will become to push the wheelbarrow around. Therefore, if you need to move anything heavier than that, a traditional wheelbarrow won’t work.

On the other hand, mini dumpers are designed to carry heavy loads. If you have some heavy-duty work to do on your farm or at your construction site, you need to make use of this machine.

The weight limit for a power wheelbarrow is far higher than that of a traditional wheelbarrow. Some of these machines can carry up to 800kg which makes them really good for heavy workloads.

Choosing which of the two you need will depend on the kind of work you need to do. If you just want to do light work around your garden, a traditional wheelbarrow will do but if you have more heavy-duty needs, you will need a mini dumper.

2. Operation

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These two kinds of wheelbarrows are operated and work in different ways. A traditional wheelbarrow requires that a person push it around and basically exert their energy into the moving of the weight in the wheelbarrow. The person using the wheelbarrow also needs to manually direct it and ensure that they maintain its balance.

This isn’t the case with a mini dumper. The machine runs on an engine that can be powered by petrol, diesel or electricity. The engine provides all the energy needed for the moving of the weight carried by the wheelbarrow. The person using this machine does not need to put any energy into it and instead, they just need to move the controls and let the machine do the work itself.

3. Balance

Maintaining balance is important when you are using any kind of wheelbarrow because if the machine loses its balance, it is likely to fall over and dump its contents in the wrong place. You don’t want the manure intended for your garden being spread all over your driveway because your wheelbarrow lost balance.

A traditional wheelbarrow has one wheel at the front which makes it difficult to maintain balance when you are using it, it requires that you have the significant upper body strength to keep it from falling over, especially when it is carrying a significant weight.

Mini dumpers have been equipped with four wheels to ensure that they have a balance at all times. It is highly unlikely that this machine will fall over on its side when it is in use. The wheelbarrow will ensure that you dump the contents of it exactly where you intend. In this regard, power wheelbarrows are a better option.

4. Terrain navigation

There are times when you need to navigate difficult terrain with your wheelbarrow and traditional ones are difficult to use on rough terrains. It becomes difficult to push the wheelbarrow over such terrain and you could even get hurt while trying to move your material.

Navigating tough terrain is much easier when you have a mini dumper. A combination of the machine’s power, the material used to build it and the four wheels it is equipped with ensures that the wheelbarrow can navigate lost terrains. A 20-degree slope is a light work for most of these machines and this shows how much ease they bring when the terrain is rough.

The Bottom Line

There are a number of factors that set apart power wheel barrows from traditional wheelbarrows. The modern version of the machine has been designed to streamline and improve many functions of a wheelbarrow and hence it offers more than its predecessor.

Mini dumpers can carry more weight, have better balance, can navigate rough terrain and are easier to operate than traditional wheelbarrows. There are also other factors which give the modern machine an upper hand and if you need to perform heavy-duty tasks, you should consider getting a power wheelbarrow. The traditional wheelbarrow can still serve you well if you need to perform light tasks around your garden or home.

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