How to Oil Nail Gun for Your Pneumatic Nailer Maintenance

Speed and accuracy when working are very imperative. It is, however, a frustrating when using a machine that is faulty and giving you a hard time. When it comes to nail guns or any other tool for that matter, they are bound to get old and rusty at some point. You can, however, keep yours in good condition by maintaining it well.

The earliest warning sign of a broken nail gun is jamming, firing air and double firings. If you experience or observe this with your nail gun, then it’s time for some maintenance to get your nailer back to shape. The reasons for this faults are avoidable if you adhere to the basic nail gun support which only includes having to oil nail gun.

oil nail gun pneumatic nailer maintenance

Why pneumatic nail guns need oil?

The reason why oiling is imperative is fundamental science. Every tool, every machine that has moving parts requires lubrication to ensure the smooth movement of the parts. Maintenance through lubrication provides for extending the lifespan of the devices. The nailers function through a piston. If the piston jams if you do not properly oil it.

Many people fail to oil their nail guns regularly, and until the nailer becomes faulty, they do not even know how to oil a nail gun. It is important that you know how to take care of your tools especially the pneumatic nail gun.

Regularly oiling your gun is great, but when you overdo it, it becomes a problem. When your nail gun is too oily, it starts to leak oil or is too slippery to complete the job. There is a level of calculation you need to determine when exactly to oil nail gun.

Most pneumatic nail guns need regular oiling, and you need to get pneumatic nail gun oil to complete the job smoothly and efficiently. A few drops of oil before or after you use the gun will prolong the life of the tool and give you more service. You can also apply oil after one nail strip is over before you load the next one on the nailer.

Depending on how often and long you use your pneumatic gun per day, the duration for oiling will differ. Guns that fire for a whole day, especially those used by carpenters get oiling even twice a day. If you, however, use your nail gun once in a while, then limit the oiling to once in a while for more efficiency.

Nail gun oil is as important as getting the tool in the first place because without it; you will be replacing your tools now and then. It will be frustrating for you, and you might even blame the brands, but the problem is manageable if you regularly oil your tools using the right nail gun oil.

Areas that need oiling

Some important areas that need to oil nail gun include:


You have no machine when the trigger is stuck, and that is why it is important that you do not let that happen. The performance of the device and your speed in getting the work done relies on the trigger not jamming. Check the trigger regularly to ensure that it moves with the speed you need and if anything is amiss you can oil it or tighten the screws.

Feed system

Regular cleaning can keep this section in check. Oiling is also efficient, but many fear that it may leave debris. The secret to ensuring that this does not happen is getting the right nail gun oil.

Air fitting

It is the main part that needs regular oiling for the best results from your nail gun. If you are using your nail gun every day, then oil it every day. Two drops are enough to get your gun working for long hours until the next time you oil nail gun.

Types of oils for nailers

The kind of oil that you choose for your nailer is crucial. If you get the wrong oil for your gun, it will not only be ineffective but might also speed up the death of your machine. The reason why some oils do not work is that not every oil type will work well with the rubbers in the nail gun. You do not want the oil to corrode the insides of your machine.

Considerations to put first when choosing oil. Pneumatic oil is the best, but you also have to consider the temperature and climate for efficiency. In simple terms, pneumatic nail gun oil for summer is different from that of winter.

There are two essential oils for nail guns which will be adequate for your tools. Regular use of the nail gun and the rapid firing heats up the gun; lubrication ensures that the heat is not damaging to the nailer’s parts. These oils are winter oils for the cold season and the daily or regular oils that you can use on your tools.

The oils that most people use are 5W non-detergent motor oil and the 30W non-detergent oil. Most pneumatic nail gun owners say that you can never go wrong with these oils. Not only are they effective but also very affordable. The best part is that one bottle of oil will serve you a long time since you do not need to use a lot of oil.

How to oil nail gun

Oiling a gun is easy, it takes a few minutes and saves you money when you properly care for your tools. The oiling process starts with:

  • Remove all nails. Oiling will only be useful if there are no nails in the gun. Remove all nails from the machine before oiling it for efficiency.
  • If the nailer and the air hose connection is still intact, disconnect it
  • Apply two to four drops of pneumatic oil into your gun
  • Reconnect the air hose and the nailer and proceed to pull the trigger at least five times to spread the oil through the parts of the machine
  • Load the nails and start working again.

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Having come to the conclusion that every nail gun needs regular oiling. It is important that you get your nailer the right oil to keep it going for longer and provide you the service that you need. It is also crucial that you know what kind of oil you are getting for your machine to avoid destroying your tools even further.

Oiling a nail gun only takes very few and easy to follow steps, you buy one bottle of oil, and it will serve you for a long time because only a few drops are sufficient when oiling. To be exact two drops will do wonders for your machine.

Instead of ignoring the need for lubrication and having your gun break down before it has given you the service you deserve, take a few minutes to take care of your tools by regularly cleaning and oiling them to keep them in perfect condition.

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