How to Choose A Table Saw for Woodworking and Buying Guide

Owners of home workshops, especially those who work with wood, meet the constant necessity of material sawing and processing. Therefore, they acquire saws that quickly solve all problems. So the question of how to choose a table saw is also very important. Modern electric saws can be divided into three large groups:

  • Hand saws. While using such a saw, the operator moves the tool itself, and the material stays stationary.
  • Stationary saws. These are convenient, spacious work surfaces, where you move the workpiece and not the instrument.
  • Table saws, which are similar to the stationary one, but they`re more mobile, less energy-consuming, but also less productive.

For an average master, who doesn`t need industrial volumes of production, a table saw will become a perfect choice. Being cheaper, more energetically beneficial, and portable, they can provide decent productivity and ease of usage.

So, today we`ll talk about the distinctive features of this last group of tools – table saws. We will also figure out what to look at when choosing such a device.

how to choose a table saw

How to Choose A Table Saw

Below are some factors to consider before choosing a table saw for woodworking:


One of the first characteristics that you should pay attention to before purchasing is the motor power. Table saws with 10 amp motors are suitable for average works, while machines with 15 engines are preferable for professional or semi-professional processing.

It`s also worth considering that these devices are powered by a network, so the optimal power consumption for your table saw should match the voltage that your workshop can provide. The optimal option is 120 volts.

Also, when choosing a tool, it`s essential to pay attention to the rip capacity and the frequency of disk rotation. The depth of the cut is selected depending on the workpiece material. The speed of rotation influences the quality of the processed surface as well. Thus, a thick wooden block will require deeper rip, and high rotation will guarantee better surface processing.


Table saws belong to the category of machines that can be used for different operations, except woodworking. Therefore, before buying, we recommend you to look at the capabilities of the model you are interested in so that you can take advantage of all its potential. Some models are suitable for working with plastic and even metal. If the selected saw can perform such processing, your next step is checking if there are corresponding disks in its kit. Each type of material needs its own disk, and their availability in the kit will save you some amount.


As far as the saw has always been and still belongs to the type of dangerous instruments, the customer should pay special attention to the safety measures presented in the chosen table saw model. Never try to save on these crucial characteristics!

Safety measures may concern the questions of restrictive frames, barriers, casings, overheating, emergency turn-off, accident turn-on protection, etc. The next point will also be deeply connected with safety.

Size, Weight, and Stability

Though strange at first glance, the weight of the table saw directly influences the safety, and here is the explanation. Mobility of such saws composes one of their main advantages, but a too lightweight instrument with too unstable jamb system cannot provide proper fixation of the tool and workpiece. When rotating, the disk provokes vibration, and light saw won`t allow you to work as accurately as you wish.

And the size of the instrument is important in connection with the working surface. A big model can simply give more space for operation.

Dust Extraction

Cutting and sawing operations inevitably provoke a large amount of dust, filings, and scraps. They interfere with good visibility, and therefore control over the process, can clog important elements of the device, or even harm the worker. Even daily inhalation of dust can already affect your health. Therefore, it`s worth choosing table saws with built-in dust extraction systems. This can be a small vacuum port or similar structures that will significantly facilitate the work.


While purchasing an expensive brand table saw, never forget to check the availability of the consumables. You may face the problem with their unacceptably high price or the lack of proper disks, that sometimes occur with foreign companies` models. In some cases, you can find disks for wood, but disks for plastic or metal processing are unavailable.

Also, check whether you`ll manage to replace the disk as fast and easy as you`d like. This moment is of especial importance for those who work with various materials and can change the consumables for several times per day.

Brand and Price

As a table saw is quite a complicated instrument, it costs a lot. Well-known brands and best saw models may demand from $300 to $700. You can also find cheaper products, but as a rule, they offer a narrower range of functions and a smaller working surface.

We also recommend you to choose table saws of famous manufacturers, as they guarantee high quality, productivity, and safety. You`ll get a warranty as well, which will be very useful and money-saving in case of breaks and other problems.

Nowadays, the market offers a lot of table saws that satisfy customers in all the respects mentioned above, and meet even more requirements such as maintainability, noise level, storage space, etc. You can know more about the best table saw models like DeWalt DWE7491RS, Bosch 4100, Bosch 4100-09, Ridgid R4513 in our Dewalt dwe7491rs vs. Bosch 4100 09 reviews.

As you can see, the choice of the right table saw can be a rather challenging moment, taking into account all features and an abundance of brands and models. But when you know what tasks the saw should meet and what equipment it should possess for their fulfillment, your problem simplifies significantly. Hope that our review will help you buy a reliable and handy instrument!

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