Easy Outdoor Housing For Cats: What You Should Know

Easy Outdoor Housing For Cats

If you own a pet, you must already know how helpful that outdoor housing for cats can be at times. When trying to cope with the loss of a person or the anxiety of an undesirable event, you will realize that pets are there for us. Our domestic felines are less demanding than canines when it comes to feeding, grooming or even walking her to the park. However, there is one thing that a cat always desires and that is claiming a personal space or territory.

While some cats may stay in a corner, some may want to actually claim the whole territory as their own. Our pets have a number of ways to prove their mark, and one of the most common ways is that of pooping everywhere in-doors.

Kinds of cat houses

You may require outdoor housing for cats for a number of reasons ranging from keeping them outdoors or to allowing them more space for their kittens. And with an array of options available today, you can have a house for your cat without a stabbing conscience of your own.

In case you do not intend to spend much on the feline family currently boarding in your house, you can always suffice with a DIY cat house in your backyard. Also, if you are a cat lover then an extra cat-house in your yard can provide a shelter for stray cats in search of food and protection.

Choosing the Material for Cat-house

Easy Outdoor Housing For Cats

As much as your cat loves the cardboard boxes in the house, it is not necessary that this material is enough for outdoors. You have to select the material for building a house depending on the weather conditions and how durable your material will be for housing a cat or more.

How to Make A DIY Outdoor Housing For Cats

Making a cat house on your own is not so hard once you have determined the durability of your housing material against factors such as temperature, humidity, predators, and frequency of use.

Plastic container house

Easy Outdoor Housing For Cats

You can make a cat house with a large plastic container, first by carving one aptly sized hole in the wall of the tub, for entrance of your cat and one as an emergency escape in case of predators. Tape foam at the edges of holes to protect your pet from getting hurt while moving in or out.

You may also want to carve smaller holes in the sides to allow more space for air to pass through the cat house in case the temperature drops to levels uncomfortable for your cat. Next, after putting the lid back on, place this tub outside your window or add extensions to hang from tree or wall. For insulation, stick the foam on the interior of the walls and bed.

Lumber cat house

Easy Outdoor Housing For Cats

If you like working with tools then a wooden cat-house, which is also exactly similar to a small doghouse, is an option. You may require lumber of your desired size, wood drill, super glue and regular work tools.

Arrange lumber and fix together with glue to form a wall of the house and then repeat the procedure to make all walls and roof. Fix the finished model with nails or brad nailer, then drill holes as required to hang or place the house on a higher surface.

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