Home Appliance Repair: When to DIY and When to Call Up a Pro

According to predictions, The global household appliance consumption value will reach nearly $590 billion in 2020. This means that nearly every home has at least a few appliances. But this also means that nearly everyone has to face some problems when these items break down. And they will break down because even the best devices aren’t perfect. So, when this happens, you will need to decide on home appliance repair whether you should try to fix it yourself to save money or to call in a professional.

When DIY Home Appliance Repair Is the Best Solution

Of course, DIY repairs are the best decision in situations when you know exactly what to do. However, few of us are experts on appliance repair. Therefore, it’s better to start by assessing your skills and abilities realistically. The good news is that it’s very easy to find many DIY appliance repair video guides today.

So, look them up and watch a few videos first. This will help you understand what you need to do and, hopefully, decide if you can do it. Usually, simple things like filter replacements, cleaning, and basic component replacements don’t require any specialized training to complete. Therefore, you can easily do those yourself and save a lot of money.

However, you must never forget that if you mess up during these works, you might damage the item further. In this case, a simple problem that’s cheap to fix even by a pro will turn into something much bigger. And you might end up losing a lot more money in the long run. Be realistic about what you can accomplish.

Also, there is a matter of not knowing what exactly is wrong with the item. If you can’t determine the cause running basic diagnostics, it’s safer to call in a professional. Of course, you might try some simple fixes, like filter replacement in an AC unit. But if those don’t help, contacting a repair pro is the best solution.

How to Cut Appliance Repair Costs If DIY Isn’t an Option

If you are at a point when you aren’t sure that DIY is worth the risk. Or if you’ve already tried it and failed, you should start looking for ways to cut in the cost of a professional service. And to be able to do this, you need to prepare for such a possibility in advance. The solutions that can help you in this situation are various appliances insurances. These plans are similar to a manufacturer’s warranty but cover a wider range of possible issues. They also can last long beyond the manufacturer’s warranty because you buy this coverage for a year.

All things considered, you should think about this possibility of expensive repairs when you buy an appliance or shortly after. Do some research to understand how much repairing it will cost you. Then, think about how long the manufacturer’s warranty lasts. Finally, consider the cost of a more comprehensive appliance warranty.

Do the calculations to see if paying the yearly premium on the warranty, plus a service call fee (mentioned in the contract) is cheaper than possible repair costs.

Shop around for home appliance warranties as these plans are extremely versatile. Be sure to study the terms and conditions of every offer carefully. They often have some hidden costs that you really don’t want to miss.

But in general, appliance warranty might be worth it for people with expensive and relatively new appliances. That’s because this plan usually covers a wide range of items, so you get a chance to save a lot of money.

When to Give Up on Repairs Altogether

You should also remember that sometimes trying to repair an appliance at all is a waste of money. That’s why you should have an expert evaluate any possible repairs before you agree to anything. When they tell you what’s wrong and how much it’ll cost to fix it, go do some online research.

You should look up information about the device and this particular type of problem. Search for stories posted by people who faced the same problem. Reddit and various online forums will help you there.

At this point, your task is to find out how reliable this type of fix is. If your appliance is still doomed to fail after a few months, replacement might be the better option.

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