What are Framing Nailer Angle Differences?

Year after year, technology keeps moving forward, and we with it. There has been an evolution of the common handyman tools to what we know today as power tools. The framing nailer is one, among the many types of nail guns available in the market. What makes the framing nailer unique is their ability to […]

How to toenail wood – Essential Toenailing tips

What is Toenailing? Toenailing is the essential skill of driving a nail into a piece of wood at an angle. Toenailing is an art every carpenter should master. Carpenters use toenailing to secure strong joints using two pieces of wood. Toenailing is also a quick method of aligning crooked, or stubborn boards into their proper […]

10 Home Renovations That Offer the Best (and Worst) Return on Investment

There are a lot of reasons for renovating your home. For most homeowners, they just would like to see improvements in their place. There are also others who want to increase the value of their home. By the time that they would like to sell the place, they can have it sold at a very […]

5 Compelling Reasons To Organize Your Home Today

Your house is where you can just relax and forget about your stressful life at work. Sadly, you can’t say it if you have a very messy house. There are instances when you just allow it to happen. You feel really tired and you don’t want anything to clean the mess up. If you allow […]

How to unjam a nail gun – Unjamming a brad nailer

A nail gun is a two-in-one tool that drives nails into different kinds of materials, mostly wood. The nail gun (also known as the nailer) is a high-powered hammer loaded with nails. Nail guns come with different power sources, could be batteries, compressed air or even flammable gasses like propane. The nail gun has replaced […]

How to fix and unjam a staple gun in some common problems

A staple gun is a high-powered machine which is used to drive substantial metal staples into all kinds of materials. Staple guns are mostly used for fastening materials onto wood, plastic or some types of masonry. The staple gun is a bigger, faster version of your office stapler. So what makes the staple gun different […]

How to Choose the Right Type of Nails For Your Woodworking Projects

Primarily, a nail is in the shape of a pin that is very useful in holding things together especially wood. Using a nail gun or a hammer, you can fasten objects together using nails. A nail is a very basic and essential tool in the process of construction. Most of the things that need putting […]

How to Oil Nail Gun for Your Pneumatic Nailer Maintenance

Speed and accuracy when working are very imperative. It is, however, a frustrating when using a machine that is faulty and giving you a hard time. When it comes to nail guns or any other tool for that matter, they are bound to get old and rusty at some point. You can, however, keep yours […]

Difference Between Nails in The Head: Clipped Head Vs Round Head Framing Nailers

It may come as a surprise to many that there are differences to nails. Most people just want something to hold together wood and cardboards, but when it comes to carpenters and artisans, they get in a bit deep and even differentiate nails depending on how they can. They believe that it is a very […]

What are the differences between Brad Nailer vs Finish Nailer?

House repairs and renovations are a thing that you will find yourself doing from time to time. It is, therefore, important to know the various nailing tools that are at your disposal and how they are used to do a neat job. Two widely used tools are the Brad nailer vs Finish nailer. The two […]