A Homeowner’s Water Softener Buying Guide That You Should Know

Have you ever bought the water softener? Do you think you need a water softener buying guide at that time? It’s a fact that not all water is created equal. When you’re told that your water could be “hard”, it means that it has more minerals that are dissolved in your water. This can be calcium, iron, magnesium carbonate and manganese. If you do have these minerals in your water, they won’t harm you, but your pipes will accumulate residue and your sinks, commodes, and tubs will tend to build up residue and could stain them to take away from their look. The pipes carry water to your appliances like dishwashers, hot water heaters and they could buildup of mineral sediment over time and by the time you see the damage, it’s too late.

A water softener will process your water to dissolve the minerals and help prevent the residue buildup. How can you really tell you need to invest in a water softener? A water testing company will perform a test, or they offer a DIY home test kit.

A simple test will confirm the hardness of your water. Some home test kits offer a test strip that you wet with your water. It turns a certain color that is based on the amount of minerals in your water. There are kits that have you drop a tablet into a glass of water and it too changes colors and you compare it to the color-coded bar included, which will tell you the degree of hardness of your water.

water softener buying guide

Water Softener Buying Guide For Homeowners

What Type of Water Softener Do I Need?

With so many softeners to choose from, you would want to purchase one that will accommodate your home. It is recommended to have the water test done to determine the model you need. There are some things to consider such as:

  • The size of your home
  • How hard is your water?
  • The type of softener you want
  • How much maintenance do you have to keep up?

Be Prepared With The Answers To Get The Correct Softener 

There are some units that have great warranties and have been tested to run continuously for up to 27 years. You need good water in every area of your home. Your home happens to be the largest investment you most likely ever make. Preventable measures will allow your home to serve you for many years. The Fleck 5600XT is an example of a water softener that can do that. You want your purchase to last many years and keep your home’s water clear without residue buildup.

There are softeners that use salt in their units. Units such as this use the ion exchange. This means ions of “hard” minerals like iron, calcium and more are replaced with ions of “soft” minerals like sodium (salt). This is a perfect way to soften your water, but if you have a salt-restricted diet, you don’t want to increase salt in your drinking water.

With some of the salt-free softeners, you may notice they don’t offer the power as in the salt versions. Salt-free softeners use a potassium-chloride salt substitute. It is environmentally friendly and costs more than salt units.

Reverse osmosis is another method in which this system forces water through a semipermeable membrane. This filtration removes hard water mineral deposits and other contaminants. The magnetic water softener is another type. With a magnetic softener, there are three things that influence this product to work. The Flux Density (inside the pipe), Magnetic Field Orientation and Polarity, and Contact time with the Magnetic Field.

There is another water softener that is an electronic descaler. It doesn’t use salt and is less expensive than other softeners. The electronic version uses electromagnetic waves to reduce the hard ions like manganese and calcium magnesium. This doesn’t change the hardness of the water. Some of the beneficial attributes like calcium are retained.

Something else to consider is water softeners are not water conditioners. The water conditioner won’t filter the water and remove contaminants as you find in “hard” water. You would want to combine a water conditioner with a water filter for your home.

Did Someone Say Bonus With A Perk?

A great bonus with a water softener is you’ll use less soap when bathing or doing the laundry. Who doesn’t want to save money? One perk worth mentioning is your hair and skin will be healthier looking. You will extend the lifespan of appliances that use water.

Your home is your private haven and you want it to be healthy. Choosing a water softening unit doesn’t have to be hard, but it does need a little homework on what your unit you need to use. We don’t want to have to stop and think about our unit every day. Face it. We are busy people and we don’t need one more thing on our list to do.

You Can Check Out The Many Water Softeners

It can be overwhelming checking on each water softener, or we offer a unit that is the best of the best. There are links to visit and receive the information you need.

The fleck 5600sxt is not bought directly, however, you can order it online. With such a time-saving device you will be able to monitor your water softener unit. The digital meter on this unit will be quick to program and set it up. The meter can be set to automatically regenerate on a day you choose; self- diagnose any issues; check the volume of soft water remaining; and allows you a choice of six adjustable cycle times. Once you set up your unit, that’s it. It’s great that your time is used wisely and not the upkeep of another appliance. 

Ask Your Neighbors And Check The Reviews Of Softeners Online

It is important to ask around when shopping for a water softener. Read the reviews online and determine your needs. There are local pros that can do the initial estimate and work. The fleck 5600sxt offers more for your investment.

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