What Is a Brad Nailer

What Is a Brad Nailer

Many of you may want to know what is a brad nailer kit. It is a kind of handy tool used in power work. Power work, construction jobs or electronic tasks are not easy to do jobs. There are numerous types of tools available in the market to make the handyman’s work easier. Some tools help us to separate things from each other. You can think about pliers as an example. Some other tools help us to secure two or more things. Brad nailer is one of those tools.

What is a Brad Nailer Kit

A brad nailer kit is a power tool which is operated by hands. We use it to shoot brad nails into different types of surfaces. It can be used on wood, plywood or other types of spaces. Now if you are thinking what is a brad nailer, then you must want to know what the brads are? Brads are little and slim finishing nails. These brads are mainly two types. They occasionally can be headless. Or they can have small, narrow heads, which stick out only a little to one side. This characteristic allows the nails to become embedded when they are put into wood. You will better understand brad nailer by reading the definition of brad nailer vs finish nailer.

What Is a Brad Nailer

Different Varieties in Brad Nailers

There are several brands of brad nailers available in the market, which might make you a little confuse. But don’t get confused. There are mainly two types of brad nailers available in the market. One is pneumatic brad nailer and the other one is electric brad nailers.

Pneumatic Brad Nailers

The main characteristic of a pneumatic brad nailer is that it depends on compressed air to shoot the brads. This compressed air generally fuelled from a gas-powered compressor. The pneumatic brad nailer is quite popular among users. It is cost effective, light weight and easier to handle.

Electric Brad Nailers

Electric brad nailers is operated by an electric motor. It can be both cordless and corded with power supply. This type of brad nailer is very useful for professional use as it gives faster performance than a pneumatic brad nailer. Although it can be a little heavier because of the bulky motor, but the overall performance is very satisfying and efficient.

Potential Users and Professions

There are many professions where a good brad nailer kit is very necessary. Construction workers cannot think of one day without the use of a good quality brad nailer kit. It is also very necessary for carpenters and electric workers. Not only that. If you are thinking of your home or office improvement, you must need a brad nailer. It is even necessary for small craft works, woodworks and different types of DIYs.

Main features

Different brad nailers possess different characteristics. So while you are trying to understand what is a brad nailer gun, you must have some knowledge on those main features and characteristics of a brad nailer. It will help you to understand which brad nailer is best for your requirements. The main features of brad nailers include depth control, angle adjustment, loading system, power system, etc. These features vary from brands to brands. There are other small features too. For example, some brads nailers have an adjustable belt hook to help you control the brad nailer more conveniently. These little things may seem less important, but these things make the brad nailer so much more helpful for us.

Usages and Advantages

What is a brad nail gun used for? A brad nailer has so many possible usages. You can use it for construction purposes, electric purposes, door and window casings, wall paneling, cabinet work etc. The options are endless. The advantages of brad nailers are countless. Brad nailer has removed all the hazards of using a traditional hand operated hammer. It brings so much speed and energy to the tasks. It does a lot more work in a very less amount of time. Whether you are a professional or a craftsman by hobby, a brad nailer will make your job easier to a great extent. The tool itself is quite light, but the electric ones sometimes get a little heavier because of the motor. But you will forget to complain about the weight while using it because of its effectiveness. And the most important advantage of a brad nailer kit is that you can never find the same quality of finishing with a traditional hammer.

Safety Tips

Although a brad nailer is very effective and efficient device, it can cause harm to the user if not handled carefully. So when we are talking about ‘what is a brad nailer’, it is very important we talk about the safety issues of the brad nailer as well. You should always disconnect the air hose or unplug the machine after use and before reloading. You should also wear a safety glass while working with it. Always keep it away from children and pets.

Brad nailers are useful and necessary tools. But like every other power tool, brad nailers require awareness for safe use. So be careful about these safety issues and take the huge advantages of brad nailers.

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