Different Types of Refrigerators to Consider Before Buying A New One

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People usually buy refrigerators once every 10-20 years depending on the operating conditions and financial possibilities of the family. This is a rather long-term purchase, which should be made seriously and in advance. What types of refrigerators do you need to consider before buying a new one?

Different Types of Refrigerators To Consider

Fridges can be of various sizes: from huge spacious ones to mini and mobile models in the form of bags (without a compressor). But in order to understand the main differences, functions, and characteristics of such appliances, it’s necessary to know what the main types of refrigerators are.

types of refrigeratorsClassic models in the form of a vertical cabinet with two chambers (freezer and refrigerator) are among the most popular.

Built-in refrigerators can be either fully built-in or partially built-in. Such models are convenient for creating ergonomic space in the kitchen. Also, the design of the room can require such a model.

Refrigerators for wine storage. Yes, there are also special devices that provide the right conditions for storing wine at home at the right temperature. The bottles are stored in a horizontal position. Such devices can be equipped with various additional functions, such as temperature adjustment, carbon filters from smells, etc.

A mini-bar shouldn’t be confused with a mini-fridge. It can be, for example, in the form of a small refrigerator, where a shelf with drinks and snacks is pulled out when the door is opened. They are mainly used in hotels to equip rooms with an additional service for a fee.

Refrigerators without a freezer can be used successfully, for example, in country houses, and other cases where a freezer isn’t required.

In contrast, freezer chambers don’t have a refrigerating chamber and only serve to freeze food.

Mini-fridges are small single-chamber models, in which the freezer is very small and is located inside the refrigerator. They are perfect for small apartments, hotels, for small kitchens, as well as for those who often change their place of residence, but are used to creating their own comfortable living conditions.

Design of the fridges

  • French Door is distinguished by the fact that it has two doors for the refrigeration chamber, which open in different directions from the middle to the sides. Underneath the refrigerating compartment, there is a freezer with a separate door.
  • Side-by-Side. Freezer and cooling chambers are located next to each other. When both doors are opened, both compartments are visible at the same time. Two doors, by the way, open like French Door models (see the list here), door handles are not on the side but in the middle of the fridge.
  • The multi-door refrigerator has three or four doors for more convenient and practical operation. Such models are rather big. They are very spacious and require an additional number of doors for harmony and convenience.
  • The single-chamber fridge has one chamber for cooling and storing products. The freezer compartment in the mini models can be located inside the refrigerator as a separate closed niche in it.
  • The two-chamber refrigerator is equipped with two separate chambers with separate doors. Usually, the refrigerator is located on the top, and the freezer is located on the bottom.

Special functions of modern refrigerators

No Frost has the following advantage: there is no need to manually defrost the refrigerator and freezer compartment. This creates additional comfort for the use of this device, saving precious time, which is already scarce these days.

A freshness zone is a special place in modern and relatively expensive models, where the temperature is about 0 ºC. This is an interesting innovation that can be very useful for many people.

Inverter compressors have low power consumption and run much quieter than linear compressors. Modern models of expensive refrigerators often have such inverter compressors.

Energy consumption class. This characteristic indicates the percentage of energy savings. The most economical classes among all possible at the moment are A++ and A++++. Then, it’s class A, B, and further alphabetically.

The refrigerators are selected according to the size, the volume of the refrigerating and freezing chamber, color, and various additional functions. The more modern technologies are used in household appliances, the higher their price will be. Above are described only some modern models of refrigerators, there are many others. New ones appear and will appear with time. You can always find out about them in the descriptions of these or those devices, in the technical documentation, and so on.

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