How To Use An Electric Chainsaw Creatively

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Chainsaws can be incredibly handy tools to be kept in your homes. However, the effectiveness of a chainsaw completely depends on the type of Chainsaw you use, whether you use an electric, a battery or a gas chainsaw. While the three types come with their own sets of benefits and disadvantages, each of them is incredibly useful and viable. There is a popular misconception that this Electric Chainsaw can only help you in gardening. But that is not all. The electric chainsaw is also incredibly useful when it comes to carving out different stuff in wood. In case you’re wondering what are some creative uses for a chainsaw? Here are some awesome ideas that you can definitely try at home.

how to use an electric chainsaw

Electric Chainsaw

Why Should You Use A Battery Operated Chainsaw?

If you are someone who spends extensive hours in the garden, several factors like less weight, less noise and no direct emissions are incredibly imperative. The cordless and battery operated chainsaws are not only light and portable but also affordable to work with. While working with the echo chainsaw or the chainsaw chain, you are spared from the tedious process of mixing oil and gas while also cleaning the carburetors. The most viable feature of using these chainsaws, however, is the fact that the low sound keeps your clients for commercial landscaping and neighbors happy. These battery-powered handheld systems are extremely handy for commercial use because of their excellent ease of use and power packed performance. These chainsaws offer the same reliability and performance as you would have got from a conventional chainsaw, simply minus the gas.

How To Use An Electric Chainsaw Creatively

What are some creative uses for an electric chainsaw? Here are a few jobs that an electric chainsaw can help you:

1. Wood carvings

This is one of the best ways to effectively and creatively use your chainsaw. Yes! Your chainsaw is indeed a very nifty tool for carrying out beautiful wood carvings. While many consider this pretty intimidating- the idea of carving wood with your chainsaw is pretty simple. You can always do this to mold and carve out cute little wooden pieces. To begin with, you can always carve out animals. This is great for people who are just starting out as they get an opportunity to add details and carve out more identifying features later on.

Many others prefer carving stuff that they can use later on. In this regard, you can always try carving stuff like wooden spoons or spatulas. These spatulas will not only turn out to be useful but you can also end up selling it or use it as a gift. Carving out spoons is simple and another excellent chainsaw carving stuff for beginners. If the spoon looks really basic to you, try carving the bigger beach bowls. You can keep a lot of your stuffs in these bowls and they also turn out to be incredibly handy and useful. Beach bowls are an equally amazing gift idea.

Another thing that you can try is carving out collectibles and chess pieces. To begin with, chess pieces are extremely simple to make and you can also easily add depth and character to them. All you need is small wooden blocks to carve out these pieces from scratch. In terms of collectibles, carving out a handcrafted yoda is another excellent idea. You can gift this yoda or keep it in your own space to add definition to your room. In case you’re looking out to be tad more quirky, try adding some color to these wooden crafts. When you use a chainsaw to create these wooden items, they turn out to be much more, well finished and detailed.

2. Plastic carvings

This is another excellent way to use your chainsaw. Like wood, you can also use your chainsaw to carve out amazing plastic products. This can be a collectible or a utility item. Like wood, Electric Chainsaw also works amazingly well with plastic. All you need to do is have a proper plan and then eventually etch it out. Don’t get intimidated in the beginning. Working with a chainsaw isn’t half as complicated as you presume it to be.

3. Get rid of debris

If you happen to live in a stormy or windy place, there is a high possibility that trees are likely to fall and branches too are likely to snap off. The land can be intrusively affected in and around your home. So in such situations, you can always use a chainsaw to downsize these trees. You can use a chainsaw for cutting the trees and clearing the debris. This is also relevant for the wooden debris that is stuck up in the relatively tighter spots. You can always use an electric chainsaw backed by a rechargeable battery or any extended for fixing this issue.

4. Additional ways

Besides the given uses, you can also use your chainsaw for creatively pruning your bushes. You can also use them for getting your garden trimmed. These electric chainsaws are probably one of the best equipment for shaping your bushes and keeping them well and tidy. This is much better than using shears. You can also use this chainsaw for getting rid of those annoying pieces of shrubs and overgrown parts of plants that are getting all the more difficult to work with while using simple tools.


A number of parts of your body need to be protected when you are using a chainsaw. Do not just opt for one and leave out the other chainsaw safety gear. While leg injuries involving chainsaws are very common, it is still likely that a branch can fall or the chains could get into contact with your hand so consider all these recommended items. However, like we have stressed before, having safety gear will never be a substitute for good and proper practice when using a chainsaw. And once again, these options come highly recommended so you should be satisfied with their performance.

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