How to Fix a Cracked Window Glass [Safety First!]

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Does your store have cracked window panes? Broken glass windows can be potentially dangerous if not repaired immediately. If you are in such a situation, you should learn how to fix a cracked window glass now. While there are relatively simple fixes that you can do to prevent it from falling, it is always best to replace it entirely. You have to remember that a crack is already a compromise in the structural quality of a material, which means that it would be easy for the pane to shatter in case something accidentally hits it or if there are sudden changes in temperatures. It can cause you a lot of trouble.

how to fix a cracked window glass

However, if your budget is still short and you would want to consider repairing it before completely replacing it, here are some ways on how you can keep the glass safely intact:

How to Fix a Cracked Window Glass

Do a Quick Fix

One of the stop-gap techniques you can do it securing the cracked glass with tape. You may consider a clear packing tape or masking tape. Make sure to put the tape on both sides of the window pane to keep the glass in place. It is also an excellent way to stop water from leaking into the window until you can find a permanent solution. Your tape should adequately cover the cracks on all sides. Make sure the tape sticks firmly onto the glass.

If the glass has multiple cracks and tape can no longer remedy it, it is best to remove the glass altogether. The structural integrity of the pane is severely compromised, and it is highly likely for it to cause an accident. With a gloved hand, remove the glass. Don’t forget to remove the glass entirely. Do not leave any glass shards on the window frame. Once you’ve removed the glass, cover the window opening with a plastic sheet or wood plank or shutters.

Use Glass Adhesives

You can also use glass adhesive as a temporary repair. Solvent-based glass adhesive are often used for repairing car windshield, but they can also be used to seal in the window glass. The adhesive can flow into glass cracks and keep the pieces together until it can be replaced. To apply glass adhesives, make sure to clean the area of the break. With an eyedropper, flush the crack with the solvent to completely cover it. Once the crack is free from any debris, place tape on the backside of the crack so it can be held in place and adhesive will not leak into the other side of the crack. Make sure to use a syringe to apply the glue so it can completely cover the cracks. Allow the area to dry before removing the tape.

Replace the Glass

Plate glass repair is necessary if it already poses a danger or if the cracked window is a modern insulated window that has double or triple glazing. It will help if you do not attempt to replace the window on your own. It is too risky and requires the expertise of a qualified glass technician. Never attempt to DIY. Glass replacement is a complicated job and requires the proper know-how of removing broken glass, old putty, and glazier’s points.

The Bottom Line

If you have made temporary repairs, make sure that you set a budget to have it entirely replaced. If the glass breaks and it hurts one of your employees, then you would end up paying more for the medical bills, possible personal injury claim and you still have to replace that window. Plus, a cracked window is not suitable for business. It can send the wrong signal to your customers, and you might attract suspicious individuals to take advantage of the weakened structural integrity of your store.

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