7 Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas That No Homeowner Should Miss

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Your bedroom should be the most relaxing room in your home. It should help you chill out, and most importantly, it should help you get to sleep. It should also look good. Here are 7 simple bedroom decorating ideas to make your bedroom look gorgeous, and make you want to stay in bed!

simple bedroom decorating ideas

7 Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

1. Size Doesn’t Matter

If your bedroom has less space than you would like, it really doesn’t matter. There are so many ways to decorate a small space into an inviting oasis of calm.

  • Use light colors. Light colors can really open up a small space, so make use of them. Some people believe that white can seem stark, but it doesn’t have to be. You can layer different tones of white, and use texture to add interest. If white really isn’t for you, make sure you use the lightest colors possible.
  • Invest in ‘small space’ furniture. With so many people downsizing, there really is so many options for small space furniture. Skip a large bulky bed frame, and opt for a small space one instead. If storage is an issue, try a divan bed with extra storage. If not, avoid divan models, and go for a bed with legs instead. The space underneath can make the room look bigger and more open.
  • Use your space wisely. The way you position your bedroom furniture can make a difference in how big it appears. Try to position your bed against a corner wall, which gives you more space to move around. Also try using mirrors to create a larger appearance.

2. Install A Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans serve two purposes. Firstly, they’re practical. They cool the room down, which is invaluable if your room tends to run too hot to sleep comfortably in. They’re not noisy like a stand-alone fan, and they’re energy-efficient.

Ceiling fans are also aesthetically pleasing. They are available in so many different styles, so there’s one to match with the look and feel of your bedroom. Most models have between 3 to 5 blades, but there are others that have a single blade, and models with 8 blades.

Some designers really recommend them for rooms with a tropical, industrial or mid-century look. However, they can work with any look at all. Some models have built-in wide-angle lighting, so if your bedroom seems too dark, a top-class ceiling fan could be the answer to your problems.

3. Paint The Ceiling

Every time we decorate, we focus on the walls, and accessories, but we often leave the ceiling plain white. Painting the ceiling can draw the eye upwards, creating a longer vertical line, and making our eye believe that the ceilings are higher than they are. It would be a good idea to balance this look with a patterned rug with a color match to the ceiling. Also, if your ceiling has any interesting architectural details, or molding, leave those white to contrast the paint color.

4. Paint It Well

Depending on your personal style, you may prefer block colors to patterns. Perhaps you prefer the look of a feature wall in a contrasting color to the other walls. Or maybe, you could paint one color on the top half of the wall, and a contrasting color on the bottom half of the wall. If you’re feeling adventurous, you may want to try an ombre effect feature wall. However, you want to paint, it can create a really interesting look for your bedroom.

5. Pops Of Color

If you don’t want to commit to color, keep your walls neutral, but use accessories to introduce pops of color and texture. Pillows, cushions, artwork, light shades, and rugs can all introduce new bursts of color, and interesting textures into your bedroom. You can DIY artwork, or cushion covers, if you have the skills. The other benefit of adding color this way is that you can change the accessories whenever you want without having to redecorate the whole bedroom.

6. Make Your Furniture Interesting

Your furniture is going to take up the most space in your bedroom, so it really effects how the room looks. If you can look for statement pieces that will really make your bedroom stand out. Maybe you could replace furniture with other items. For example, instead of using nightstands, you could use upcycled chairs, stacks of books, or a stacked set of vintage suitcases. You may want to try using a clothing rail instead of a wardrobe.

7. Don’t Forget The Details

Details are important in any room, but getting the details right is especially important for your bedroom. Adding items to personalize your room can actually help you find it relaxing.

  • Turn photos into art – your personal photos can be turned into incredible art for your bedroom. Many services allow you to enhance and edit your photos, so you could try changing the colors, trying out a pop-culture style photo, enlarging, or decreasing the size to create your own one of a kind artwork.
  • Don’t be afraid of patterns – patterned bedclothes can add a touch of drama to a bedroom, but they should be avoided if you’ve chosen a patterned paint or wallpaper.
  • Use fresh flowers – fresh flowers are often on display in show homes, and for good reason. They freshen up how a room looks and can add a scent in the air. Wildflowers can look just as good as purchased flowers, so pick your favorites.

Final Words

Now you know 7 simple bedroom decorating ideas after reading this article. You can make your bedroom look beautiful and gorgeous. The most important thing to keep in mind when decorating your bedroom is that it needs to appeal to you, and it needs to be comfortable. As long as you can sleep in it, and it looks good to you, then it looks good!

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