Bostitch Smart Point Brad Nailer Reviews

On the globe of pneumatic nailers there’s not very much that excites me ever again, until we’re talking about best brad nailer. And I have considered the 18 gauge Bostitch Smart Point brad nailer reviews and I took the Smart Point nailer to the store and put it to work.

Bostitch Smart Point Brad Nailer Reviews

The most interesting and surely distinctive aspect of this nailer is the smaller nose design. The particular probing hint of the nailer makes it better to discover where the fastener will infiltrate the project surface. In addition, the smaller nose design enables the tool to adjust to directly into more restrictive space.

When I uncover brad nailer to be useful in assisting to counteract splitting as well as to promote a cleaner looking career with less touch-up work after nailing is done. I also use a brad nailer occasionally to support with pinning elements on glue-ups. There’s no argument that a brad nailer is really a helpful and needed tool both in shop and on finish trim work.

Bostitch Smart Point Brad Nailer Features

The particular hype about the Bostitch Smart Point brad nailer is that it features a 60% smaller nose footprint, taking into account rapid as well as accurate nail position without an individual contact trip. The micro-nose design eliminates the necessity to force up against the work surface in order to actuate the nailer, permitting you to match the tip in narrow spots.

I got to view this nailer in close proximity several months previously having a Ridgid Tri-Stack compressor, as well as the accurate exactness statements in the Smart Point are what acquired my own interest as well as attention to examine this tool from the start. The thing is that, there’s nothing much more bothersome to me than by using a nailer that will puts any securer in a position other than where you thought it was going. I am able to think of twelve instances in which I desired in order to smash any brad nailer having a mounting sludge hammer after I blew apart a trim return or squeezed the trigger and watched a trim part move on me.

Smart Point Brad Nailer First Impressions

The Bostitch Smart Point brad nailer shoots 18 Gauge brads, and the nailer kit includes the basic tool, carrying case, 1/4-inch swivel fitting, a box of 1,000 two-inch brads, and a belt hook.

Brad Nailer Reviews

Out of the box the Smart Point nailer seems as if a regular brad nailer although small. It has the Magnesium housing that has a definitely good over-molded handle and bumper molding. Bostitch additionally works by using Magnesium giving your tool a similar basic durability of aluminum but with less weight.

This Bostitch Smart Point brad nailer is usually a great oil-free nailer which helps prevent staining of trim and work surfaces and also the deplete is situated towards the end on the handle where the air flow hose-pipe attaches to the tool. I like this position because it directs your tool’s deplete clear of the job and the operator. An indoor filtering is utilized to hold external surfaces contaminants by destructive your tool.

The tool-free nail jam release is necessary, and the Bostitch BTFP12233 provides just one found on the front of the nailer at the nose. This makes it possible for actually quite easy nail jam removal, reducing the desire to use an Allen wrench. It is a real good function!

A thumb turn, depth-of-drive system (which Bostitch relatively comically branded Dial-A-Depth) is located under the trigger and allow the user to control how far the fastener will penetrate into the work material. This will save you by requiring you to readjust compressor output for various wood stiffness and can save time.

This tool is usually designed with a swivel air accessories for maneuverability, the reversible belt hook with integrated pencil sharpener, 2 rubber nose tips and a low brad nail indicator built into the magazine slide.

When I compare the Smart Point to other brad nailers it is usually smaller by several inches on both the width and length.

A Selectable Trigger On A Brad Nailer – Seriously?

Another feature that got me scratching my head was the selectable trigger system for sequential or contact activities. At first I was not sure why Bostitch included as a selection. I’ve never “bump” fired anything other than a framing or roofing nailer.

Typically, brad and finish nailers should be more accurate tools and the sequential fire should be more than fast enough if you know how to use the tool.  In the course of research product for a completely different nailing application but they found that users are using shims to keep up the contact trip on their brad nailers so as to:

  • Improve visibility
  • Avoid marring the work surface
  • Providing continuous bump actuation in situations where the exact location is not essential

It indicates that the user weren’t “bumping” the tool at all, they were sliding it along the surface and apply every 6-8 inches brad fasteners on a door or window decoration or cabinet crown run. This finding is what acquired Bostitch group started on developing the Smart Point design and the selectable trigger switch.

Smart Point Technology

When you boil it all down, arms exposed on the Smart Point is a major change in the traditional brad nailer and that’s what makes this tool very different and distinctive. The contact is integrated into a sliding nose which has a much smaller footprint. Contact arm is spring-biased upward (towards the tool) to eliminate the need for the nose to be compressed to actuate the ignition.

However, a standard brad nailer with a contact arm that wraps around the nose of the tool, which is cumbersome. The tradition contact arm is also spring-biased outward (away from the tool) which requires the user to push the contact arm to actuate the tool.

Brad Nailer Reviews

Overall Smart Point Brad Nailer Reviews

The Smart Point is indeed a brilliant nailer, maybe even smarter than me! That’s exactly and precisely in brad nailer position and provide me with special visibility. I can genuinely say that after using this special brad nail in a period of time, I was a bit spoiled. Going back to a standard nailer and its larger nose is going to be difficult.

My favorite features of this nailer are its line of sight, the swivel connector and the low brad nail indicator using dry fire lockout (it will not burn a blank when the nails run out, so you don’t divot your piece of work).

Stay tuned as we guess Bostitch can extend the technology for Smart Point nailers to other finish nailers as well. If Bostitch could line up some demos of new tools, they have to fly off the shelves, I definitely recommend it for professional use.

Bostitch Smart Point Brad Nailer Reviews
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