How To Choose Exterior Paint Colours For Your House

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Many people often find it hard to choose a perfect exterior paint for their house. Not similar to interior colours, when choosing exterior paints, homeowners also have to put landscaping, hardscaping and roofing,… into account. In the article, we list some tips on how to choose exterior paint colours for you to choose the right palette.

Why Do You Need To Choose Exterior Paint Colours For Your House?

People are often confused when it comes to deciding the exterior paints of their house. They just cannot pick randomly some colours as it is the exterior paints that give others the very first impression of your house. Moreover, the right exterior paints are able to add beauty and value to your house, which is one of the most things to attract potential buyers if you are about the sell it later.

how to choose exterior paint colours

The right exterior paints will add value and beauty to your house. Source: Variety

Besides, durability is another factor that you must care for. No matter how beautiful your colours are, if they are faded and damaged easily, they are still useless.

How To Choose Exterior Paint Colours

There are thousands of exterior paint colours from best exterior paint brand available in the market, so what will be best suitable for your house? How many layers of paint necessary for your house? The questions depend on many factors related to your house, such as size, the background,…

You need to consider the elements surrounding

When selecting the exterior paint colours for your house, of course, you have to consider the colours of elements surrounding it. This is because the exterior paints have to suit the background to make everything harmony. Thus, when others looking into your house, they will feel more comfortable and they can admire its beauty.

For example, the size of your house is worth considering so that you can decide what colours are most appropriate for your house, whether it is a dark colour or light colour. Basically, your house will appear larger with light colours rather than dark colours. Light colours are also more likely to be affected by particular light conditions. The dark colours, on the other hand, will make your house look smaller than it really is.

In addition, when determining the most suitable exterior paint colours, considering the house architecture and the exterior colours of your neighbourhood are absolutely necessary. Even if you are a creative one and you want to make your house more unique, do not stray too far from the basic thing. Of course, everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, but you must know what is enough.

Before making decisions, looking to colour visualizer carefully

After getting the basic things you want to do with your house, using a colour visualizer to find the most suitable colour is needed. You can either choose by popular colours or decorator pick. Many paint manufacturers have provided this useful tool with exterior options including McCormick Paints, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams. 

Although each business can provide a particular interface, which may be quite different from others, they all allow consumers to choose and test exterior paint colours for your house. All you need is to take some pictures of your house and upload them. These paint colour websites will help you to see how your house appears in different colours. Therefore, you can make decisions on exterior paints with no difficulties.

Confirm with paint samples

how to choose exterior paint colours

Never forget to confirm with paint samples. Source:

After choosing several paint colours with a virtual tool, you should ask for paint colour samples to confirm whether they are the colours you have chosen or not. Don’t be shy, sometimes the colours can be quite different due to, for example, the manufacturers had edited them before. Better safe than sorry. You should not believe everything on the Internet without checking its reliability. Nowadays, most manufacturers are providing good services. However, it is obvious that if you do not ask them, there is no reason for them to send you paint samples.

Choosing more paint shades are fine

In general, there are three main colours you need to consider when deciding exterior paints. They are a field colour, accent colour and the trim colour. The field colour will be the dominant colour. An accent colour is for shutters, doors or some kinds of small parts. 

Commonly, the field colour contrasts favourably with the trim colour. By this way, the trim colour will give some highlight to your house. For instance, you can try to combine a light field colour with dark trim. They look stunning when going together, making the darker trim like the eyeliner of your house. However, sometimes, breaking the rule is fine and worth trying to make your house more unique.

However, there is a useful note that you should take. Breaking the rule is not always a good way, especially if you are trying to put as much trim and accent colour as possible. Remember, when determining the trim and accent colours, less is more. You should not try to paint every detail on the exterior with a different colour. Too many changes of shades have never been a good way. In fact, it will cause the opposite effect, making your house less elegant and luxurious.

Take your house architect into consideration

Each house has its own architecture, and thus needs a particular exterior paint. And it is easy to understand that your exterior paint colour must be appropriate to your house style. If you spend a huge amount of money on a modern bungalow but having a mistake choosing the right exterior paint colours, your house just looks weird. For instance, can you imagine how weird it would be if you paint your classic house burnt orange? Or your modern bungalow with beige brown?

If you are too confused about which colour can be excellent for your house, you should ask for help from a professional in this sector.

Considering the light factors

how to choose exterior paint colours

The abundance of light can affect the exterior paints. Source: Dezeen

Unlike when determining the interior paint colour, you have to think about the light when making exterior paint colour decision. As lighting is quite different on the south and the north sides, homeowners need to put the chosen colours on both sides to choose the most suitable exterior paint. And you should buy the test sizes to save money.

Moreover, the sunlight, for instance, can turn your exterior paint cooler. This is what usually happens to an exterior paint colour when there is plenty of light. There is a rule that many architecturers know that your exterior paint colour should be at least 2 to 3 times warmer to make it balanced. It is simple, but most people who are not a professional may hear it for the first time.

When it comes to choosing the exterior paint colour for you’re your outdoor kitchen, after deciding your desired end colour, you should choose a colour that is three times warmer. The reason is that plenty of light will have a great impact on your exterior paint colours and you have to do so to offset the chosen colour from going cool or blue.


Not many people have the ability to see what exterior paints colour will go well with their houses. We are not trained to be a professional in this field. However, when choosing the exterior paint colours for your house, don’t pick them randomly. These useful tips that we have listed will help you to save a lot of time and money when choosing exterior paints. Check out the Houseace painters Sydney blog for more painting tips, advice and inspiration.

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