Cleaning Tips on How to Use Your Pressure Washer For Vinyl Siding

We are all aware of the power of pressure washers to clean stuff – from cars to fences to pathways to things that were buried in solid dirt and mud. Then again, it has been a common inquiry whether pressure washers are also effective in cleaning corners and spaces that are too narrow or too acutely angled to reach. Most buyers find an issue when buying their pressure washers. The only thing they have not discovered is how to skillfully use their pressure washers to remove the earth plaque on sidings, especially on vinyl sidings. Here are some tips on how to best use your pressure washer for vinyl siding.

How to Use Your Pressure Washer For Vinyl Siding

1. Know The Type and Specialties Your Pressure Washer Has

Pressure washers can clean almost everything that is dirty. However, sidings, especially vinyl sidings, require delicate pressure. Carelessly spraying on these sidings would only destroy them. The tip is to choose the best pressure washer. If you are still thinking of buying one, look for the best electric pressure washer for siding online or in your local hardware or merchandise stores like Walmart.

pressure washer for vinyl siding

There are pressure washers for all your unique cleaning needs.

The key to efficient cleaning using your pressure washer is the nozzle and the regulator. There are special nozzles designed to clean certain materials and angles. For those who are cleaning their house or garage vinyl sidings, a nozzle that makes the water flow jet out like a thin, straight line would surely remove the dirt that is deemed irremovable with plain brushing or scraping. Also, having the right amount of pressure in cleaning your siding will ensure squeaky clean results without breaking or destroying its delicate vinyl material. An extended handle would also help control the washer wand to hit that hard dirt stuck on the siding for long.

If you want to know more about how to use your pressure washer for vinyl siding, see the video below:

2. Stick to Quality, Proven-And-Tested Pressure Washers

Many brands online and in physical stores are popular among pressure washer users these days. One of them is the Sun Joe pressure washers. Many people are really trusting this brand as seen on Sun Joe pressure washer reviews online – many testimonies show how efficient Sun Joe is in cleaning even the most stubborn dirt.

pressure washer for vinyl siding

You can buy pressure washers in hardware stores or easily grab yours online.

Although the competition in the pressure washer market is tight, Sun Joe believes that the patronage of their customers gives them their sales leverage as they continue to make good sales every year, with fewer return rates and warranty defects claims. For household cleaning, Sun Joe’s SPX3000 would surely be your best pressure washer buddy. It comes with different quick-connect nozzles in different pressure angles which can be helpful in cleaning every nook and cranny of your vinyl sidings and has a Total Stop System (TSS) feature included should you forget to turn off the power washer, saving it from major electrical problems and water wastage.

3. Can Car Washers Be Used As Pressure Washers For My Sidings?

pressure washer for vinyl siding

Choosing your spray nozzle for your special type of pressure cleaning gives you more leverage in removing the impacted dirt and dust on any surface. 

The best way to know whether the pressure washer used to clean your car can also help you clean your roof, foundation, or garage sidings is the pressure control installed on it. The best electric pressure washer for cars can truly make your car shine, but it is best to understand first whether you can use the same pressure washer for your other cleaning needs. Especially using your current electric pressure washer for siding, it is best to check whether it can regulate its pressure to avoid destroying your siding. Source:

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People are deeply relying on pressure washers for their cleaning needs. However, there are those who are not well aware of the special uses and adjustments to be made in every type of cleaning and washing. Not every jet of water sprayed on the pressure washer cleans the surface evenly and properly. At some point, this becomes the most common complaints in buying Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner. Although there are versatile pressure washers available in the market, it’s best to know a trick or two in making use of your current pressure washer to clean special and delicate areas of the house, especially with vinyl and aluminum sidings.

Also, not all car pressure washers work with every surface material. It is best to be careful about it, read through some guides online on how to effectively use your pressure washer for cleaning, and you’re all set to make your house surfaces as squeaky clean as it can be.

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