Best Framing Nailer Reviews and Buying Guide of 2017

“Our ancestors used hammer, we have a better option known as a “Framing Nailer”. We will provide you the best framing nailer you will ever come across online. And the best part is we will explain you everything that you need to know before you buy one for yourself!”

Welcome to Best Framing Nailer Reviews and Buying Guide of 2017. We present you the best and well structured framing nailer buying guide that will deal with your every panic point while buying a nailer. Here we will discuss about everything that is important for you to know. No matter if you are building something or putting a large piece of material together for your DIY projects, framing nailers are your perfect companions. From comparison charts to actual user’s reviews, we will help you in saving a lot of time, for money and hassle for buying the perfect nailer.

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What is Framing Nailer? A framing nailer is actually a nail gun that reduces a whole lot of manual work that you face in case of hammers. It shoots nails at a much faster speed and much accurately. Framing nailers have a very lightweight and well-balanced so that you can use them in every nook and corner much more efficiently. They come very handy and friendly for you whether you are an engineer, or a construction worker, or a professional carpenter, or even just a simple man who loves to DIY his own home improvements. Most importantly, no more the wounds and smashing your fingertips that happens in case of a hammer.

Best Framing Nailer Reviews and Buying Guide

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Framing nailer is the vital part of wood structure construction. You can accomplish the entire woodwork while constructing your home or doing some other home job, without breaking the muscles of your elbows. Many people also use framing nailer for a myriad of jobs for all skill levels as building a deck, putting in a new door or window as well as fixing a roof. Professional construction crews can use them for long term projects such as framing a house or installing wooden floors, remodeling, outdoor projects and any DIY project.

Best Framing Nailer Reviews and Buying Guide of 2017 will provide you all the answers as well a list of nailers and the best framing nailer reviews and comparison chart. You do not need to worry about delving long hours in finding the right product and analyze the offerings that are available in the market. You will easily choose your perfect framing nailer. Go through this encyclopedia of framing nailers and let this buying guide assist you for selecting your perfect work partner!

Top 5 Best Framing Nailer Reviews

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Types of Framing Nailers

There are several varieties of nail guns that exist in the market and they differ from one another in respect of features, deliverables and affordability. Some may even be different in the powering aspect, their utilization and well as the mechanism of nail installation and many other vital aspects. Therefore it is important that you should be well aware of the types that are available so that you could opt for the best that suits your requirement.

Power Source: Pneumatic versus Cordless

Before you jump to the conclusion of buying a pneumatic or a cordless framing nailer, you must consider many various factors. Decide depending on the following characteristics that each gun has and choose you own gun according to your requirements. There are three main types of framing nailer kits based on their power source:

Pneumatic framing nailers: They are generally power-driven through an air compressor. It is best if you already have an air compressor as buying a new one may result in fetching some extra money. Pneumatic framing nailers distribute steady power, but involve the customer to stay attached to an air compressor for processing of the work. If you have to work on a daily basis with a nailer, go for pneumatic ones as they do not have the hassle of charging them every day. If you are already having your own air compressor make sure that your new nailer matches its PSI.

Cordless framing nailers: Run by battery powered charging or you need fuel to run the gun, and the air compressor isn’t built-in. They are best for those customers who do not plan on using the nailing gun regularly, especially if you already do not own an air compressor. They offer increased flexibility and hence are popular with those clients that have to work in closed places where a compressor cannot fit in.

Electric framing nailers: Come with two options: cordless and corded electric. Although these are portable tools, the size of the nailer limits the work in tight spaces. These nailers are useful for small projects as well as heavy framing jobs. A corded nailer is more powerful than a cordless one, but you’ll need an extension to move around the machine. You can usually complete the framing job more quickly with an electric nailer than with a pneumatic type

Magazine: Stick or Coil

Nail guns come in different varieties of magazines, especially stick or coil.

Stick magazines: Uses those nails that generally come in longer strips. A strip magazine holds lesser amount of nails as compared to a coil magazine. But the arrangement in stick magazines is so that it provides better balance and better distribution of weight than guns that use coil magazines.

Coil magazines: The nails are fastened together with wires and are arranged with the help of adjustable strings. They hold comparatively more nails than the stick magazines. Their structure offers ample space to fit into closed spaces than stick magazines. If your job involves placing a huge number of nails than a coil magazine is better for you as one magazine holds larger number of nails and therefore less reloads. However if you are new or your work involves bump operating or fewer nailing work, opt for stick magazine.

How to choose the Best Framing Nailer

Although we have already discussed a lot of things about framing nailers, these are few simple things that you should keep in mind before buying:

Type of Framing Nailer

There are two types of framing nail gun in the marker: the coil and stick types. Both of these types use a special magazine to store nails with the difference being on the capacity of the magazine. The coil nailers usually have larger magazine capacity than stick nailers. The choice here depends on your personal preferences.

Power Source:

Again, you have to choose between three options: cordless fuel powered, electric powered and pneumatic powered types. The cordless types are powered by fuel or some forms of electric, battery power while the pneumatic types use compressed air. The framing nailer is great for occasional jobs while the latter nailer is great if you plan to use it more often.

The Air Compressor

In case you chose the pneumatic type then you need to care about the air compressor you purchase to power it. You need to ensure you invest in an air compressor offering at least a 25 gallon capacity tank.

Nail Type

While you search for your favorite nailing gun, look around for those that use round head nails. The reason behind choosing round head over clipped head is that many present building codes have specifications that renovations must be done by round head nails only. Hence for any work around the house, using a gun that uses round head nails is more preferred.

Weight and Comfort

Always remember that choose a lighter guns because you can use them more easily and safely. If your working pattern concerns areas that are at higher elevation from the ground, choose light weight guns as heavier guns can lead to imbalance and can be unsafe for usage. Guns that are compact offer easy movement and are better for getting jobs done.

Price and warranty

There are a variety of professional brands Paslode, Hitachi, Bostitch, Freeman, Porter cable, Dewalt, Bosch, Max. Also another brands available in the market as Senco, Campbell hausfeld, Ridgid, Numax, Ryobi, Craftsman, Milwaukee, Husky, etc… Different companies have different costs and warranty services, so it is very important that you carefully consider their prices and read warranty scheme before buying.

Additional Specifications

There are a few additional specifications that you must adhere to before buying a gun for yourself.

Depth adjustment: this specification allows you to decide the depth up to which you want to drive the nail without tampering the surface. If you work on different kind of materials, keep an eye for this feature as the depth drive helps you to gauge and put a nail precisely at a chosen depth.

Quick jam clearance: one of the most important specifications of a nailer since these guns tends to jam a lot. These jamming sessions can be time consuming and tedious. Therefore a nailing gun that provides easy jam clearance helps to save time and effort.

Swiveling air connectors: this kind of spinning air connectors are used only for pneumatic nailing guns. If you are using a pneumatic nailer, you will stay connected with the air compressor all the time. So having an easier way to move around with the cord while working is highly recommended. This air connector helps you to move around with your cord freely. It makes your work much more hassle free and saves you from any mishap.

Protective guards: while you will be working with a nailing gun, there will be much debris that will keep on hitting your body and your machine. However you must always wear gears for protecting your body from such debris. But this feature makes it much safer to use the gun and eliminates the chances of any risk related.

Tips of Using Framing Nailer and Safety Measures

Safety Tips

Prevention is better than cure and hence safety should always be the first thing in your mind while handling a nailing gun.

  • If you use for the first time or bought a new brand, go through the instruction manual provided with the gun before you start using it. It will help you to understand about how to use the gun safely and how to maintain your nailer for a longer duration.
  • Before you start using it, check extensively for any manufacturing defect as that may cause the gun to malfunction.
  • Be sure to have the nails removed and the power disconnected when performing maintenance.
  • Never put your hand or any part of your body in front of the nose of the gun.
  • Always aim the gun away from you when loading it with nails.
  • Never forget to wear your glasses for safety during use to avoid any hazard.
  • Nailers are designed in a certain a manner after thorough research. So don’t try to modify your nailer for any reason.
  • Do not leave the nailer unattended while it is hooked up, especially around children.
  • Use the product only for the recommended uses and applications.
Using Tips

Below is some important tips about the care of properly when using framing nailer:

  • Keep the nail gun in a safe location when not in use.
  • Be sure to use oil designed for use in frame nailers.
  • Tighten all screws and bolts monthly.
  • Replace damaged components only with the recommended or manufacturer parts.
  • Cleaning the feed system after each use and lubricate the air fitting every day.
  • If you use battery operated framing nailer, check the battery periodically to ensure full power at work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why are framing nailers more expensive compared to other nailers?

  • “The cost of the framing nailer depends mostly on the brand and model. With that said, their cost compared to other nailers might be attributed to the fact that these are versatile tools. They can be used on heavy duty construction tasks other nailers wouldn’t be able to handle.”

2. Some framing nailers have 21, 28 or 31 degree description. Is this important?

  • “Yes. This refers to how many degrees the magazine is set. It affects a number of factors which include how light or heavy the nailer feels, the type and size of nails you can use and, how easy the nailer is to use in tight spaces.”

3. What accessories are included with my framing nailer kit?

  • “The accessories included with a framing nailer kit depend on the brand and model. Some models are only available as bare nailers while others include accessories such as a carrying case, nails and oil.”

4. My framing nailer arrived damaged. What should I do?

  • “Manufacturers and retailers usually offer returns and refund policy as well as a warranty on nailers. Depending on where you bought your framing nailer, you should be able to contact customer support and report the issue. You should also be able to return the damaged nailer for refund or replacement.”

5. Coil or stick magazine. Which is better?

  • “Coil framing nailers have a higher capacity magazine which makes them a good option for heavy duty jobs. They’re also easier to handle due to their compact size. However, when compared to stick magazine nailers, they’re usually more expensive and heavier when fully loaded.”

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We think now you are impressed enough to replace your old hammer with this modern and effective framing nailer. This Best Framing Nailer Reviews offers you the most comprehensive and thoroughly researched solutions to your most basic issues. It also offers you complete and detailed information of all the pros and cons associated with a framing nailer. This review is also backed up the ratings provided by expert users and are specifically handpicked to offer you the best options to choose from. Always compare your preferred product in the market with its competitors since you might save a penny or costs for sale and find a better alternative. Hope this framing nailer review will assist you in choosing the best framing nailer that suits you the most.

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