Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit with Canvas Bag, 4-Piece Review

Nail guns or nailers are ideal tools for construction and wood-building works. Nowadays almost everyone, either professionals or DIY enthusiasts, is using these and experiencing their advantages. Nailers are replacements of hammer to do the same work efficiently, with less time and effort.

Now, what if you do not need to choose a nail gun for a particular job and have a kit with multiple nail guns for different jobs?

Here is a product – Freeman P4FRFNCB, a framing/finishing combo kit. This combo kit has four different tools – one framing nailer, one finish nailer, one narrow crown stapler and one brad nailer.

More detailed review with specifications and interesting features as follows.

Editor’s Rating:

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Freeman P4FRFNCB

Overview section

Freeman P4FRFNCB is a product from Freeman tools, a well-known construction and framing tools manufacturing company. Freeman nailers are popular for their performance and durability. They are manufactured maintaining professional-grade standards. P4FRFNCB 4-Piece Framing/Finish combo kit covers all framing and finishing requirements. This kit includes  – a 21° full head framing nailer, a 34° finish nailer, a 1-1/4 Inch brad nailer and a 1-1/4 Inch narrow crown stapler.        

This kit is available at without any extra shipping charge. It is a value for money product and we rated it with 4.6/5 stars.

Who would buy this?

Included framing and finishing tools in Freeman P4FRFNCB combo kit, can be used by anyone whether a professional worker or a Do-It-yourself enthusiasts. This kit is perfect partner at their work. It is a highly recommendable product for where each tool in it is designed for different jobs.

Product Description

Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit is the dream kit of contractors. It includes -21 ° Full Head Framing Nailer (PFR2190) with 20-22 degree round plastic head, 15 Gauge 34° Angle Finish Nailer (PFN1564) uses finish nails of 1-1/4” to 2-1/2” in length, 18 Gauge 1-1/4” Brad Nailer (PBR32Q) uses 5/8 Inch to 2 Inch 18 gauge brads and 18 Gauge 1/1/4” Narrow Crown Stapler (PST9032Q) uses narrow crown staples ranging from ½” to 1-5/8” in length.

These tools are manufactured following standard guidelines. These air powered tools are magnesium constructed and have aluminum magazine and cylinders. PFR2190 framing nailer can fire 2 Inch to 3/12 Inch framing nails. The blades used in these nailers are adjustable in depth and with 360° adjustable exhaust, users are allowed to work from any side or angle. PFN1564 finish nailer is featured with a selective triggering mode. You can fire one nail at a time in single mode or can fire rapidly in sequential mode. For user’s convenience PST9032Q has a reload indicator. All of the above mentioned tools are oil-free and air-powered. Thus, someone need not be fixed at particular place while working with these.

Freeman P4FRFNCB is a single solution for different construction or wood-building jobs.

Product Features

  • Dimension and Weight:  The overall package for Freeman P4FRFNCB has the dimension of 23 x 9.4 x 14.8 inches and weight of 24.5 lbs. The individual tool weights vary from 2.5 lbs to 6.4 lbs.
  • Portable and Light-weight: the overall kit is popular for its portability and light weight. Freeman also includes a canvas bag to carry this kit.
  • Magazine: Magazines are manufactured of anodized aluminum. The magazine capacity of framing nailer is 55 pieces of nails. Others have the capacity of 100 pieces. Also, the narrow crown stapler has reload indicator.
  • Build: Magnesium construction and aluminum made cylinders not only ensures the durability, also made each tool light weighted.  A Teflon O-ring is attached to all tools to prevent wear and tear.
  • Quick Jam Releases: The finish nailer (PFN1564), brad nailer (PBR32Q) and narrow crown nailer (PST9032Q) is designed with quick jam release feature. An easy access provided to the nose-piece to clear it at the time of jam.
  • Flexibility: All the tools have 360° adjustable exhaust which allows you work from any angle. The depth is adjustable for all depending upon the applications. This feature brings nothing but flexibilities in work.
  • Protection: In-built anti-dust cap, air filter keeps the tools protected and expands their life. These are the important feature to keep components debris free. Debris is one of the reasons for the weak performance of nail guns.

What peoples are saying about Freeman P4FRFNCB?

Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit has become a very popular product and has satisfied customers from communities like professional workers or DIY peoples. Many customers rated this with 5/5 stars. It is reviewed as professional grade tool for its flawless performance at affordable price. Users recommend this to get 4 different handy tools in a single kit.

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Pros and cons


  • A complete kit providing a single solution with 4 different tools for the purpose of different tasks.
  • It has 34 degrees finish nailer for tight spots and provides high precision.
  • It has a powerful framer which can drive all type of nails and stakes in almost every type of wood with very less damage to the surface.
  • Freeman P4FRFNCB is portable and handy. It comes with a Canvas bag to carry it.
  • Included light weight and air-powered tools have no performance issue. Customers are satisfied with its speed and efficiency.
  • Freeman also includes oil and wrenches along with this kit. The Canvas has small pockets for these.
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  • Depth dialer sensitivity: Though there exist a depth dialer but it is not that much sensitive. Thus, sometimes it may difficult to adjust the depth with precision.

Warranties and Repair

Freeman P4FRFNCB is supported with 7 years limited manufacturer warranty. Freeman products are distributed and warranted by PGP Inc. (Prime Global Products). PGP is a well-known distributor for professional-grade products at an outstanding price.


Freeman P4FRFNCB, which includes – a 21° full head framing nailer, a 34° angle finish nailer, an 18 gauge brad nailer and 18 gauge narrow crown stapler- is a compact and portable kit for construction and wood-building works. Whether you are a professional or DIY enthusiast and want to do any remodeling or construction tasks like- basement remodeling, fencing or want to make base boards, window casings, picture frames, these tools will cover all your needs. These air-powered light-weight tools are very handy and accurate at their work. The magnesium and aluminum construction of the tools makes them durable; also special care has been taken to prevent these from debris to retain them as a performer. This Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/finishing combo kit with 7 years warranty is a complete solution and a value for money product for construction jobs and its worth buying.

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