Best Cars For Long Drives: Top 7 Brands On The Market

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Long drives like family road trips are an amazing experience we all don’t want to miss out at one point or the other. It serves as a great way to ignite the spark once again in friends and loves ones. The joy of this bonding experience is not only in arriving at the desired destination; resort or whichever place it might be. A significant chunk of the fun and excitement happens on the road during the drive. A tight, clumsy car would ruin the moments. It is necessary to include road trip worthiness as a part of our considerations when buying the best cars for long drives as a family for road trips. It is greatly important.

best cars for long drives

Roomy, spacious cars affect the mood and enhance the creation of better long drive/ road trip memories. Personal driving skills do matter too; that is why driving Lessons is critical. Even when you do not necessarily have a long drive, commuting in a comfortable car with smooth handling, flexible seats and space can make all the difference in your journey.

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Best Cars For Long Drives

These cars listed below have the exact qualities that will grace your long trips with comfort, elegance, and fun.

2017 Acura TLX

This car is clearly cut out for long road trips. Staying engaged on the road is a breeze with this version of the car. Its specifications all match the long trip demands. Features like

  • Precision all wheel steer
  • Super handling all wheel drive
  • Sports seat
  • Leather seat
  • Tri-stage ventilation and heating
  • Sport poise

These specs will all together give you an edge over the weather, ensure a speedy-smooth drive and maximum comfort. It has safety features which also serve to protect your navigation on roads, features like collision warning, lane keeping assistance etc. All aid your controlled navigation and enhances your precision on the road.

Lincoln MKZ

This car is relatively cheap and in a lot of ways suitable for long road trips. It is built with an intelligence that allows it to adapt to adverse road conditions in just a matter of seconds. Its next-gen sync three infotainment system is there to keep your spirit up during long drives. In your endeavor to secure a long trip utility vehicle, Lincoln MKZ should not be left out of your consideration. It is considerably spacious and elegant on the road. It’s consistently regulated damping system is also a plus.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

This car brand is well tested and trusted, performing amazingly well in diverse crash tests. It is very suitable for body physiology, providing enough space to rest and stretch the legs. Owners of this sedan seem to be greatly content with the utility they get from it. Its aesthetics also does a lot of good in presenting you well. It has a brilliant cabin, it’s easily handled and the presence of unusual power trains all enhance your long, comfortable drive, and the fuel economy is 38mph, amazing! With EDT driving lessons Dublin, maneuvering your way with just an unkind of the vehicle on long trips is a breeze.

Kia Sorento

The midsized SUV might appear like a mere errand runner, like some other SUV’s. It offers a fantastic amount of utility, and it is characterized by elegance, affordability, and many more opportunities. It is less gigantic than other vehicles in its class which gives it an aesthetic edge. Its seats are well suited for comfort. The rear seats especially would appear very suitable for adults over a long distance. It is well padded and contoured which makes reclining highly comforting.

The infotainment system requires no expertise to use. The mood along the distances can be kept alive. It has an optional third-row seat, and it offers same utility as its larger counterparts. Kia’s advanced smart cruise system allows you to navigate more easily on the road, decelerating at different points within traffic. Ultimately the KIA Sorento is a mix of ruggedness and elegance suitable for short drives and extra suitable for long drives.

Toyota Sienna

Do you want to have a lot of space during your long trips? Toyota Sienna is the way to go. They are replete with a lot of spaces and templates for just anything. Cup holders, big sliding doors, roof racks just make the minivan seem very suitable for a very long drive. You can take along all you need and still have enough space to recline, relax and enjoy your ride. Its fuel economy is quite impressive, with a 3.5 liter v6 and 20mpg returns. For parents on long road trips who don’t feel safe with their kids peering out all the time. The SUV is very suitable. It also has an all-wheel drive. Your long trips are covered with this brand of SUV. The SUV offers a home space away from home.

2019 Subaru Crosstrek

Crosstrek like the name implies is an excellent car to cross regional boundaries. Its specs are classic and afford your optimum comfort on the road. Crosstrek fuel economy rates 27mpg city and 33mpg high way. It has an all-wheel drive which is super standard and it also an 8.7 inches ground clearance.

Honda Accord

The midsized sedan has a fuel economy of 30mpg. Its interior is well suiting and convenient over a long drive. It is smart and very responsive to handling. The Honda accords in mpgs vary according to different brands. The infotainment offers quite a brilliant experience with Honda link connections and navigation menus. Passengers can connect their phones and jam their desired music.

Safety technologies exist; forward collision warning, cameras to monitor lane dividers, adaptive Cruise controls are also present enabling cars to maintain a safe distance between cars. This happens with an automatic brake pressure system. You could launch out into the road with an assurance of a certain level of safety.


A supposed good experience should not turn into a bad one. Most of our adventures right on the road on long trips could be ruined by something as trivial as an inappropriate car. Some cars could be quite excellent, but they might not just be the best cars for long drives.

It is quite pertinent to know what kind of specs and features a car possesses to effectively make the right choice in purchasing a suitable car for your long drive adventures. This listed cars will leave you not disappointed at all on your long drives.

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