How does a nail gun work?

If you are always working on woodwork projects or in a team at a construction company, you have undoubtedly come across a nail gun. Either you own a pneumatic nail gun, a combustion-powered nail gun or an electric nail gun. While appreciating all the work done thanks to the nail gun, you might have wondered […]

How to load a nail gun for common brands of nailer

It’s about time you got yourself a nail gun. Why? Because they’re easier to use, just press the contact tip and pull the trigger. No more smashing your fingertips with the hammer! Now you just can’t seem to figure out how to load a nail gun. The manual that comes with the tool does not make […]

How to Use a Nail Gun with Safety First

There was a time we had no choice but to master the art of hitting the nail on the head, literally, with a hammer. One too many times, we accidentally bumped our fingers, you experience pain you can never forget. It became tricky when trying to maneuver nails through corners and into delicate trimmings without […]

How to unjam a nail gun – Unjamming a brad nailer

A nail gun is a two-in-one tool that drives nails into different kinds of materials, mostly wood. The nail gun (also known as the nailer) is a high-powered hammer loaded with nails. Nail guns come with different power sources, could be batteries, compressed air or even flammable gasses like propane. The nail gun has replaced […]

How to Choose the Right Type of Nails For Your Woodworking Projects

Primarily, a nail is in the shape of a pin that is very useful in holding things together especially wood. Using a nail gun or a hammer, you can fasten objects together using nails. A nail is a very basic and essential tool in the process of construction. Most of the things that need putting […]

How to Oil Nail Gun for Your Pneumatic Nailer Maintenance

Speed and accuracy when working are very imperative. It is, however, a frustrating when using a machine that is faulty and giving you a hard time. When it comes to nail guns or any other tool for that matter, they are bound to get old and rusty at some point. You can, however, keep yours […]

How to Install Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The Engineered Hardwood flooring is the easiest flooring to install planks with a lock and fold style of edging for each installation. While the other some types of hardwood flooring need to cut the plank to fit it, nailed or glued in place of installation. And the most of the engineered hardwood flooring does not […]

The Differences Between Pin Nailer and Brad Nailer

The pin nailer and brad nailer is the practical nailing tool. These two nailing tools look like similar and many times get confused by the woodworkers itself. This article will teach you the whole difference of nailer. And you can classify the nailer by looking it. *** You may want to know about Best Nail Gun Reviews […]

The Differences Between Brad Nailer and Framing Nailer

Using pneumatic nailers such as brad nailer and framing nailer is a great way to help you save a lot of time when doing a lot of different construction activities that you can perform when on the job. Not only will they save you time, but they will also help prevent you from over stress yourself by having to […]

What are the differences between Brad Nailer vs Finish Nailer?

House repairs and renovations are a thing that you will find yourself doing from time to time. It is, therefore, important to know the various nailing tools that are at your disposal and how they are used to do a neat job. Two widely used tools are the Brad nailer vs Finish nailer. The two […]